Which is the best preschool in Alkapur, Manikonda?


Which is the best preschool in Alkapur, Manikonda?

Many preschools are budding up in Manikonda. Preschool like Ingenium Playschool is one the best in Alkapur. There are a host of factors that determine the long service of a playschool. In today’s digital world almost all parents are working. Families are nuclear so it becomes highly important for husband and wife to entrust their ward in the right hands. Safety for your kid is of the utmost importance. The daycare and preschool facility at Ingenium Playschool is the most sought after.

Many factors influence your selection of the playschool. Parents can work with peace of mind if their kids are happy at Playschool. Else they won’t be able to concentrate on jobs. Because at the end of the day parents are working hard and earning for the safety of their kids, to guarantee good quality education and inculcate good values in your kids.

Interior Infrastructure of Ingenium

There are many playschools in the market that charge exorbitant fees from parents. They make sweet promises about the ward’s safety and security and sometimes things go for a toss. Ingenium Preschool is one of the best preschools in Alkapur. Hygiene wise the management sees to it that the housekeeping staff keeps the premises neat and clean. The interiors are sweeped, mopped and dusted regularly so that kids don’t fall prey to infections. Parents can come personally to the premises and inspect their surroundings. There are chairs, a table, storybooks for kids. Teachers narrate stories to kids after play hours. The atmosphere here is very nice and kids will thoroughly enjoy their school time here. They pay attention to that more kids are not cramped in a class. Teacher to student ratio of 1:10 is maintained. This is done because both teachers and students should not be overloaded. Hence the teacher can pay individual attention to kids. Kids also will have space for themselves.

Personal Care to Kids

Kids are given personal attention. Kids are being cajoled in such a way they won’t miss their parents. They will easily bond with other kids, teachers, and nannies over here. The daycare facility here is much talked about. Toddlers, babies are given care. Working mothers can trust in our services. Kids are engaged in many activities like learning rhymes, numerics, etc. Here Cambridge curriculum is followed for teaching kids. These points make Ingenium as the best daycare in Alkapur. Morning the day starts with a prayer, welcome song, followed by a small classroom session like reciting numerics, phonetics, syllables, etc. This is then followed by playtime activities. Playtime activities encourage bonding between kids. Kids learn to share their toys, this improves their sharing skills.

In today’s age, many kids suffer from speech problems. When kids suffer from such problems it becomes a big pain point for parents. If kids learn to mingle they will learn to speak. Extra speech therapy is not required. There are slides, games, small trampoline, etc installed in our campus. There is a playpan area too. Kids always enjoy these games. Kids can’t be just loaded with book learning. They need an open atmosphere where they can play,

We also engage students in drawing, craftwork, etc. This will help to harness their drawing and creative skills. This makes Ingenium one of the best preschools in Alkapur. The teachers here are all Montessori trained teachers. They have a thorough understanding of the psyche of your kid. They can interact with the kid nicely.

Kids are given extra care. During lunchtime kids, foods will be made warm using microwave kept in our kitchen. Kids can have hot food. There is a digital dashboard in our classroom. There are many play objects available on our campus. Kids can utilize them. Ingenium one of the best preschool in Alkapur also believes in devoting their time to the complete growth of the kids. Your kids’ all-round development is on our minds. The testimonials from parents are the best supporting compliments for us. We are present on all social media channels. You can also review for your ratings and reviews online and on all social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.


We welcome you to this kid’s paradise where kids will love to come daily. Here we greet kids with a hifi and make their study here a memorable and enjoyable experience.

You can feel free to contact us on our website https://ingeniumschool.com. You can also contact us at below numbers

Phone 1: +91 7669225226

Phone 2: +91 90007 92647

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