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Best Preschool Franchise in Hyderabad
Best Preschool Franchise in Hyderabad
Best Preschool Franchise in Hyderabad

Invest in education, Invest in Ingenium!

The Ingenium story began with the opening of our very first best preschool franchise in Hyderabad back in 2014. The idea behind the Ingenium School was to help nurture young minds between the age group of 2 years to 10 years and condition them to maximize the benefits derived out of formal schooling in later years. We are rapidly scaling up with our existence in more than 4 states, with more than 24 centers and 20,000 plus happy students!

Our goal is to nurture the next generation of global citizens by not just imparting knowledge but inculcating the desire to learn. Through our trained and experienced mentoring staff, we offer young students an avenue to develop independent thinking ability through innovative training methods and interactive sessions in a stress-free environment. We strive to provide a safe schooling environment with a great emphasis on child protection and well-being while also adhering to stringent health and sanitation standards.

What sets us apart is our attitude of self-introspection – we conduct an annual inspection on multiple parameters from infrastructure to safety provisions to students’ classroom outcomes. Such inspection helps us to do better and set higher benchmarks for our own service quality. This makes us the best preschool franchise in Hyderabad.

Ingenium Schools are an intersection of curiosity and discoveries for young minds. Our innovative pedagogy and meticulously framed curriculum is at par with international standards of quality education. We imbibe best practices for the holistic development of children. At the best preschool franchise in Hyderabad, we ensure every child feels valued and loved and gets the attention they need to bloom in the formative years of their learning journey.

Ingenium is a National Education Policy, 2020 compliant school. With a deep commitment to excellence in education, the best preschool franchise in Hyderabad ensures that its curriculum, teaching methodologies, and overall approach align with the NEP’s vision of holistic development and 21st-century learning. By prioritizing holistic development, multidisciplinary learning, skill-based education, technology integration, and inclusive practices, Ingenium Schools provide students with a strong foundation for success in an ever-evolving world. 

We prioritize inclusive education, ensuring that every child has access to quality education regardless of their background or abilities. Ingenium Schools, best school franchise in Hyderabad, embraces this principle by fostering an inclusive and diverse learning environment. The school provides support systems, differentiated instruction, and personalized learning approaches to cater to the unique needs and strengths of each student, fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment among all learners.

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Choose Ingenium World School, best preschool franchise in Hyderabad and lay the foundation for your bright future for these top reasons-
1. Brand value
2. Top notch support
3. Growth potential
4.  Flexibility
5. Trusted curriculum

1. Our curriculum is based on the integration of the top successful methods to foster holistic early childhood education
2. Our programs encourage innovation and creativity
3. We promote art, crafts and other activities to unleash creativity
4. We encourage creativity, thinking capabilities, independence and leadership qualities
5. We have exceptional training and skills in the relevant areas and chosen with utmost care for the well-being of your child.
6. Our focus is not just on academic excellence but beyond
7. Our programs cater to physical, social and emotional development of a child with cognitive development

NEP presents a transformative vision for education in India, aimed at ensuring universal access to quality education at all levels.Together NEP and Ingenium World Schools are empowering the next generation of leaders and innovators to create a brighter future for all!

Taking a preschool franchise offers many advantages! Join the Ingenium World School family and leverage your preschool!

1. Brand Name & value

2. Technical support & marketing

3. Tested system & procedures

4. Development of curriculum

5. Training & orientation programs


High Growth Brand Value

Ingenium World School, the best preschool franchise in Hyderabad is a name trusted among parents and Edupreneurs for quality education and childcare. Over the years, we have refined our meticulously framed curriculum, programs and activities to deliver the best to young minds. We work in close collaboration with experts and parent communities to improve our practices and culture.


Trusted Team of Professionals

Our team is skilled, passionate and is ready to learn new ways of fostering holistic development of young learners. We research into the best international and world wide followed early education trends to deliver the best to our learners. Our franchisees are all in sync with best child development practices and this makes us the most trusted and best preschool franchise in Hyderabad.


NEP Compliant School

Ingenium Schools is committed to providing a NEP-compliant education that prepares students for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. With a strong emphasis on personalized learning and fostering a sense of belonging, Ingenium Schools ensures that every student receives a quality education that recognizes and nurtures their unique strengths and abilities.


Technology Integration

Ingenium Schools acknowledge the pivotal role of technology in education. Our schools leverage innovative teaching tools, digital resources, and educational technology platforms to enhance the learning experience. By integrating technology into the curriculum, Ingenium Schools, best school franchise in Hyderabad, prepares students to be technologically adept, enabling them to navigate the digital landscape with confidence and harness technology as a tool for learning and innovation.

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