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Mr. Sudhanshu Kumar

Mr. Sudhanshu is an alumnus of NIT, Trichy. He holds about two decades of diverse experience as a project manager with global MNCs. He completed his Entrepreneurial Edge program from London Business school and is also a certified entrepreneur.

He has proven project management skills to meet client needs starting from project scoping, mapping out timelines, key milestones and deliverables, project budgets, and communication processes to ensure smooth and efficient completion of projects.

His vision to implement ingenuity while building the franchise model school. He is passionate to build world-class schools with the economical fee structure in India. So that everyone can avail of a standard education PAN India.

Ms. Trupti Khatri

Ms. Trupti has a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounts & Economics from Pune University, Maharashtra. She comes with overall 10 plus years of experience which includes 7 years of teaching experience at some of the prestigious schools in Hyderabad and New Delhi and has been running renowned Preschool and Daycare. She holds a Diploma in ‘Development in Early Childhood and Education’ and is pursuing Masters in Education as part of learning. 

She has immense experience in Pre-Primary, Primary Schooling and Daycare services. A spirited lady with a desire to innovate and excel, she highly believes in educating young minds and souls through a combination of social, emotional and moral education. She is passionate about making school an enjoyable place. She loves to bring innovative methods in teaching to make learning fun, relevant and impactful. She wants to keep the broader social perspective alive while running the school as a professional institution.


Ms. Rachna Jayant

Ms. Rachna Jayant is an MBA in HR with more than 8 years of experience in managing schools successfully with remarkable year on year growth. She is actively managing Academics, Teachers’ Training and learning initiatives to enrich learners’ skills to be competent and ingenious.

She is pursuing M.A. in Education and has Diploma in ‘Early Childhood Education & Development’. She is also an active ECA member and Parent Coach in various Parenting blogs. She has also done Certification in ‘Child Care’ from the US. Prior to the education field, she had extensive experience of 7 years as HR professional in the IT and Retail sector. She is passionate about kids and believes that the more you give time, effort and attention the more they will flourish. She believes that education is a lifelong process, and the building blocks of learning are developed during the early years of a child’s life, therefore, more focus must be on Foundation years of learners.

Ms. Bharathi Venkatesan

Ms. Bharathi Venkatesan is an MCA graduate. She holds a Diploma degree, DECE (Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education) and is pursuing Masters – Education with 8+ years of experience in teaching Pre-primary and Primary classes. She holds good experience in managing and operating preschool and daycare. She is highly passionate in educating all children and girl children welfare. She strongly believes that every child deserves quality education at an affordable price and works towards the same.

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