Corporate Tie-Up


Pathway for Working Parents

Ingenium Schools thrive in bringing mothers back to work and offer best parenting partner programs for corporate employees. We deliver quality schooling and daycare solutions to corporate employees and help them become a preferred choice and family-friendly workplace.


Corporate School and Daycare

Your employees can readily trust the preschool and daycare which is a corporate partner of his workplace. Provide a trustworthy option to your employees by joining hands with Ingenium Schools, best preschool and daycare in Hyderabad where they can send their children.


Builds Employees Loyalty

When a corporation makes a parent feel his children and family are valued and taken care of at his workplace, his loyalty for the corporation also builds. This helps you in attracting and retaining quality human resources for your company, thus reducing employee turnover rate.

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Why should you tie up with Ingenium Schools?

We understand that young parents working in corporations have hectic schedules, and yet they aspire to give their little ones the best education, ambience and security. Our workshops and group discussions by the team of experts answer the most frequently asked questions related to child rearing and development, parenting and eligibility criteria of formal schooling.

Ingenium Schools, the best preschool and daycare in Hyderabad, understands that the choice of a school is a personal decision of any parent and so there are no legalities attached to the tie-up. As an expert in child care, pre-schools and daycare, we become a perfect advisor to facilitate daycare services at the workplace. 

We premium end to end corporate solutions which are tried and tested and have won the trust and confidence of many partners. The quality of our childcare services are high and trusted by parents all over the country. Our premium well crafted solutions cater to a corporation’s diverse agenda and deliver with satisfaction.

Ingenium - Most Reliable Partner for Corporates


World Class, High Quality

Ingenium Schools ensures that the quality of our child care services are premium and best catered. 


End to End Solution

We provide comprehensive support to our partners and devise a corporate daycare solution for them.


Process Compliant

We strongly comply with the quality procedures and standards for premium childcare and learning systems.

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Corporate Tie- ups is a win for everyone!

Unlock the doors to a brighter future while making a difference in the lives of children.  Invest in your future and theirs, join Ingenium World Schools, best school franchise in Hyderabad!

Better Engagement And Productivity


Our childcare provides your employees with a chance to satiate their personal needs, leading to increased concentration and productivity in the job. We help them to be able to work with less separation anxiety.

Empowers Employees With Flexibility


Trust and kindness, followed by flexibility, are the three most important factors that impact engagement at work. Offering a reliable child care facility at work instills these three factors amongst employees.

Greater Loyalty And Commitment


Having childcare is a huge plus from an employee satisfaction perspective. Even the people who don’t utilize it gain benefit from it because their peers are happier, more reliable as a result of having a center in the workplace.

Get every single answer here!

Choose Ingenium World School, best school franchise in Hyderabad and lay the foundation for your bright future for these top reasons-
1. Brand value
2. Top notch support
3. Growth potential
4.  Flexibility
5. Trusted curriculum

Tap into exponentially growing USD 957.86 Million Education Industry with the Best School Franchise in Hyderabad.

1. Our curriculum is based on the integration of the top successful methods to foster holistic early childhood education
2. Our programs encourage innovation and creativity
3. We promote art, crafts and other activities to unleash creativity
4. We encourage creativity, thinking capabilities, independence and leadership qualities
5. We have exceptional training and skills in the relevant areas and chosen with utmost care for the well-being of your child.
6. Our focus is not just on academic excellence but beyond
7. Our programs cater to physical, social and emotional development of a child with cognitive development

NEP presents a transformative vision for education in India, aimed at ensuring universal access to quality education at all levels.Together NEP and Ingenium World Schools are empowering the next generation of leaders and innovators to create a brighter future for all!

Taking a preschool franchise offers many advantages! Join the Ingenium World School family and leverage your preschool!

1. Brand Name & value

2. Technical support & marketing

3. Tested system & procedures

4. Development of curriculum

5. Training & orientation programs

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