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Kindergarten Franchise in Hyderabad

Quiz Club | Kindergarten Franchise in Hyderabad

Kindergarten Franchise in Hyderabad: Quiz is a fun way to assess one’s knowledge that also enables quiz players to learn more about different subjects and topics. It helps children to boost their confidence, lights the quest for knowledge and encourages them to broaden their learning horizon.

Quiz Club by Ingenium brings you various Quizzes that are conducted on weekly and monthly basis. Quiz is conducted on Online Platforms like Kahoot & Quizizz.com and is an independent quiz for which you can get a score immediately after you submit your answers. 

Once you become a member of Quiz Club, you get regular updates about upcoming quizzes so that you don’t miss any Quiz that you are interested in. Quiz can be of various topics like Geography, General Awareness, Current Affair, Country, Capitals & Flags, English Grammar, logical Reasoning, Riddles and many more.

Our Features

Quizzing is fun and if learning is fun, we learn better!

Quizzing is not just about GK, but about connecting the dots, reading between the lines and arriving at a conclusion. Our Quiz Club aims to give them guidance on specific areas of Quizzing and encourage them to participate in quizzes. 

It also teaches them interpersonal skills, as most competitive quizzing is conducted for teams of two or more and teamwork is the only way to success. The more they play quizzes the better equipped they become for quickly recalling the information required to answer questions.

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