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School Franchise in Hyderabad
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School Franchise in Hyderabad

Welcome to the Best School Franchise in Hyderabad

The Ingenium Schools and its highly experienced management, brings to you a unique franchising opportunity to create an educational institution that fulfills every need of a growing child. 

We are the Best School, Preschool and Daycare Franchise in Hyderabad and recognize the significance of holistic development and caters to the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of its students. Our emphasis is on a well-rounded education and our approach ensures that students develop essential life skills, critical thinking abilities, and creativity, enabling them to thrive in an ever-changing world.

The team comprises passionate Eduprenuers and creative Gurus, who have been franchisees and franchisors for more than a decade. They know the industry, have created curriculums, understand the importance of quality education, and the finer nuances of child development. As educators, they have always displayed a genuine love for children and passion to create an environment where the children can grow fearlessly.Team lngenium promises to hold your hand, guide you through this beautiful and soul satisfying journey to help create the future, with tender arms and big hearts.

Our franchise offers a well-designed curriculum, incorporating innovative teaching methodologies and advanced learning resources. We focus on creating a joyful and interactive learning atmosphere that fosters creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Their comprehensive curriculum integrates various activities, including art, music, sports, and hands-on experiments. 

Why Choose Ingenium?

Our school franchise business is for Entrepreneurs who want to start a business that is long-term in nature, investment-friendly, and has the potential to give stable returns. When you start a school franchise, you will require hard work, commitment, and a partner who has complete knowledge of how to run a successful school franchise. Ingenium is that perfect partner who will help you start your franchise with its expert knowledge and support structure which it gives new partners.


Sustainable Brand


Researched Curriculum


High Growth Potentials


Friendly Pricing Model

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A business or organization established to provide a particular service, typically one that involves a organizing transactions.

If you are a passionate Edupreneur, Ingenium Schools is a perfect choice for you! The best school franchise in Hyderabad and leverage the benefits:
1. Brand value
2. Top notch support
3. Growth potential
4.  Flexibility
5. Trusted curriculum

By becoming an Education Entrepreneur, you can tap into exponentially growing USD 957.86 Million Education Industry.

Leverage the benefits with India’s best school franchise in Hyderabad!

1. Our curriculum is based on the integration of the top successful methods to foster holistic early childhood education
2. Our programs encourage innovation and creativity
3. We promote art, crafts and other activities to unleash creativity
4. We encourage creativity, thinking capabilities, independence and leadership qualities
5. We have exceptional training and skills in the relevant areas and chosen with utmost care for the well-being of your child.
6. Our focus is not just on academic excellence but beyond
7. Our programs cater to physical, social and emotional development of a child with cognitive development

NEP presents a transformative vision for education in India, aimed at ensuring universal access to quality education at all levels.Together NEP and Ingenium World Schools are empowering the next generation of leaders and innovators to create a brighter future for all!

Taking a preschool franchise offers many advantages! Join the Ingenium World School family and leverage your preschool!

1. Brand Name & value

2. Technical support & marketing

3. Tested system & procedures

4. Development of curriculum

5. Training & orientation programs

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A business or organization established to provide a particular service, typically one that involves a organizing transactions.

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Ingenium Schools - Best School Franchise in Hyderabad

Franchise Requirements


Preschool 15-25 Lakhs Primary School 30-40 Lakhs


Preschool 2500 - 3500 SQ FT Primary School 6000 - 10000 SQ FT


Preschool 12 Months Primary School 12 Months


Preschool 36 Months Primary School 36 Months

Best School Franchise in Hyderabad

Our Franchise Support

We provide the handholding support you need to run a successful school! Ingenium Schools is successfully running multiple centers in 4+ states and is trusted as the best school, preschool and daycare franchise by its partners.

We are known for our world-class facilities and holistic educational programs. Our curriculum combines academic excellence with character development, encouraging children to become compassionate and responsible global citizens, making us a sustainable brand across the nation.

Onsite Training at established Ingenium Franchisee


Ingenium provides the special onsite 3 months training support at our existing franchisees you need to start your school with more efficiency.

Shared Ideas for Better Outcome


Franchisees leverage the experience of our experts in delivering quality education. Maximum opportunities to share ideas with an assurance to incorporate the best ones.

Transparent Investment & Discussions


Transparent investment discussions with concentration on numerous secondary sources of income like Child Wealth Management, Nutrition Consultation, Holiday Planning etc.

Decreasing Royalty as your income Increasing Profit Model (IPM)


As your center’s income increases, franchisee profit increases & franchisor profit reduces, to show acceptance of the Franchisee’s growing experience & independence.

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