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Foundation School

Childhood is the most precious time of a person’s life, and at Ingenium, we recognize the value of making every moment worthwhile. Toddlers are highly observant and quick learners as their minds are fresh and curious. Our foundation-school curriculum is designed to catalyse their desire to explore and learn. Our foundation-school education focuses on development of core academic skills, personal qualities, and life attitudes. Through suitably designed curricula, we endeavour to help young kids develop a high level of aptitude and a strong conceptual foundation to build upon so that they can maximize their learning potential in elementary school.

World School

From play-based learning through game activities to classroom-based learning through formal instruction, both kids and their parents have to deal with a testing transition. Our curriculum ensures that this transition is smooth through a gradual evolution of learning pedagogies. We pride ourselves on our track record for forging resilient and optimistic young minds. Through nurturing academic excellence and character development, we equip children with a global perspective to be able to meet all the challenges they face in life.


Day Care

Ingenium Care provides a home-like environment for kids to develop their social, emotional, and inter-personal skills. At Ingenium Care, kids get to engage in play-based group learning activities under guidance of well-trained and dedicated staff. This provides them an opportunity to develop their networking skills and also gives the opportunity to cultivate early-life friendships. Child safety is our prime focus at Ingenium Care, and all our spaces are secured through CCTV monitoring. Our 8 am – 8 pm daycare services are especially helpful for working parents, as along with keeping their children constructively engaged, we also have an option of providing nutritious meals.

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